How to Sort-Out the QuickBooks Login Problem?

If you use QuickBooks accounting software to manage all your business-related tasks then you must also agree to the fact that there are many issues and problems with QuickBooks software that its millions of users reported from time and again especially during the login process.

The Login Issue of QuickBooks is the most widespread error that needs more focus and attention. Therefore, we’ve come out with this blog to help you in dealing with QuickBooks online login errors  completely. So, let’s have a look without wasting any further second:


What is QuickBooks Login Error?


If you receive error messages like “Account Service unavailable please try again later, Error 404: File not found, Web Page not available and QuickBooks currently unavailable” while login to your QuickBooks account then, it is because you’ve encountered QuickBooks login problem. Basically, QuickBooks login error is the form of error that denied you from accessing your QuickBooks account due to various possible factors.


The list of Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks Login Error:


  1. Bad Internet Connectivity
  2. Incorrect Login Credentials
  3. The server of the official Intuit website is down
  4. You didn’t properly log-out of your previous QuickBooks account session.
  5. Firewall or third-party antivirus program interfering or blocking QuickBooks.
  6. Faulty Chrome Browser


Effective Way to Solve Quickbooks Error 41

understanding the meaning of the error, use the top 3 methods to troubleshoot the QuickBooks error 41 that are mentioned below. So, perform the steps of any mentioned method as per your choice and fix QuickBooks error 41 easily:

Method 1: From the Start-up disable the Loading Program:


  • To do so, go to ‘Start Menu’ by pressing ‘Windows’ shortcut key and then type “MSConfig” in the search bar.
  • Then, open the ‘System Configuration Utility’ option by clicking on it.
  • Then under it, go to ‘Service tab’ and click on the option of ‘Disable All.’
  • Now, if it doesn’t turn grey what you can do is verify the ‘Hide All Microsoft Services.’
  • After that, go again to the ‘Start-up’ tab and then click on the ‘Disable All’ and ‘OK’ button.
  • That’s it! Now, close it and restart your computer.
  • Now, in case if the ‘System Configuration utility’ pops-up on the screen again, then tick on the message that reads “Don’t show this message again” on the pop-up box.
  • And, then open your QuickBooks software again to ensure whether the problem has been resolved or not.


However, if still, the error persists, then it means it is due to the internal problem with your operating system. So, in this case, what you can do is contact the help desk of your system for further resolution.